About AILA

AILA is a not-for-profit association of Australian lawyers, and associates, with an Italian background and Italophiles whose mission is to strengthen ties between Australia and Italy.

For close to 30 years, AILA has provided its growing membership base with opportunities to engage in professional events that celebrate Italian ideals and culture and the two legal systems.

Over the past 30 years, the Association has organised a host of events in Australia as well as international legal conferences in Italy and dealing with matters important for Australian-Italians and international law.

AILA provides legal education through dinners and seminars to assist its members with their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) obligations.

The Association has also made various submissions on matters important to Australian-Italians and general international law.

Our Mission

Promote in Australia the study and knowledge of the law and legal system of the Republic of Italy and the law and legal system of the Australia;

Foster personal and professional relations between members of the legal professions in both countries;

Encourage and facilitate the education of the Australian and Italian lawyers in the study and practice of Italian and Australian law respectively; to co-operate with the Italian law societies, associations and institutions for the furtherance of the aforementioned objects and to arrange lectures, seminars and other activities in Australia and Italy;

Arrange and participate in meetings, seminars and conferences in Italy or Australia, or elsewhere, relating to the objects of the Association;

The Association has organised international legal conferences in Italy dealing with topic of International law obligations; and

AILA has funded the AILA law prize at the University of Melbourne and the University of Monash law schools.

The Hon. Justice Pagone QC (AM)

His Honour retired from the Federal Court of Australia in 2018, where his Honour had been the national co-ordinating judge of the Taxation National Practice Area.

Before his Honour’s appointment to the Federal Court he was a judge of the Trial Division of the Supreme Court of Victoria and had been the Judge in charge of the Commercial Court List of that Court.

His Honour was elected the President of the International Association of Judges in October 2018.This is the first time an Australian has held this high office.