University Prize

AILA has established the AILA prize at both the University of Melbourne Law School and the University of Monash Law School.

The prize is awarded to the best student in designated subjects.

Funding has been provided to both universities to enable the prize to be awarded for ten years.


AILA is committed to developing a mentoring program to provide AILA members and non-members an opportunity to be mentored by senior members of the legal profession.

Importantly, the mentoring program will aim to provide those mentored:

  • the opportunity to gain insight and knowledge about the legal profession;
  • encouragement with legal studies and achieving personal goals;
  • general guidance concerning career planning;
  • strategies to build confidence in their abilities, and
  • the opportunity to observe and access a variety of areas of expertise within the legal profession.

Essay writing competition

In 2019, AILA introduced the inaugural annual essay writing competition. Entries are invited from students studying a Bachelor degree, Juris Doctor or Master’s degree level law degree course at the date the entry is submitted.

The word limit is 2,500 words (excluding footnotes) and the winning author is awarded a prize of $1,500 at the AILA Annual Dinner.