Any person who supports the purposes of the Association and who is of Italian or Australian/Italian background, or if not of Italian background, is an Italophile, is eligible for membership.

Associate Member

You are eligible to become an associate member if you are a student, paralegal or a lawyer with less than two years post admission experience.

An associate member is not eligible to vote but will have other rights as determined by the Board of Directors.

One or Three Year Memberships

One year memberships expire at the end of the financial year.

Three year memberships expire at the end of the third financial year.

Board Approval

All applications for membership must be considered and approved by the Board of Directors. For those wishing to apply to become a member, please complete the details below.

  • For example, barrister, solicitor, accountant, student, etc.
  • For example, name of chambers, university or school etc.
  • For example, law firm, govt department, not for profit etc.
  • Please download the constitution of the Australian Italian Lawyers Association